» For long haul moves make sure you label all of your cartons with your name, destination city and contact phone number
» Consider holding a garage sale or giving your unwanted items to charity
» Leave your pet with a neighbor or friends during all the activity on moving day
» Place all packed boxes against the wall away from your furniture, so as not to obstruct access for your movers
» Make your moving arrangements as far in advance of your moving date as possible
» If your appliances are being moved have them cleaned and disconnected from the power source before the movers arrive.
» Defrost your refrigerator and freezer the day before moving. Burners on the stove should be taped securely
» Carry your currency, jewelry and valuable documents with you.
» Setup a specific area in your home for all items not be shipped and inform movers of this area
» It is not necessary to empty dresser drawers of clothes , but do remove liquids, breakables, books, valuable, etc. All drawers that open like cupboard should be emptied . In special cases where you have difficult access or the dresser is very heavy, all drawers should be completely emptied
» Do not pack corrosives, aerosols, gas, propane, paint, flammables or other dangerous goods with your move.
» Have SmartMovers pack and unpack for you, for added convenience and valuation coverage